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WeatherPlus - All in One Weather Station Controller

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WeatherPlus - All in One Weather Station Controller

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WeatherPlus is an all in one weather station controller and is the board that is used in the OurWeather Complete Weather Kit.   WeatherPlus contains an ESP8266 processor (includes WiFi) and does not require an external computer to run.  If you want to program the WeatherPlus board, we supply all of the source code to allow you to do that.   The software for the board is written using the Arduino IDE with the ESP8266 libraries added.   Here is our tutorial on how to install the Arduino IDE for the ESP8266.

Two other accessories from SwitchDoc Labs you might want are:

A DS3231 Real Time Clock Board is included.


What are Grove Connectors?

Grove Connectors are a standard way of connecting a variety of devices quickly and safely.   See our full tutorial here. The WeatherPlus board has an I2C Grove Connector that can be connected to 3.3V I2C devices.


We embrace the open source model of software! There are lots of LEDs on the OurWeather Board to allow you to know what is going on.   The GPIO0 LED can be controlled by a simple call on the web (for example: where the argument is 0 for GPIO0 LED off and 1 to turn it on.

Simple!   The other LEDs show if the board is plugged in and what is going on with the instruments.  However, you can display a lot more using a Grove OLED display.

The WeatherPlus Board

OurWeather contains the customizable WeatherPlus board.



SwitchDoc Labs Custom Grove OLED Display

You can put big numbers up on the display (and graphs too if you are clever!) and also show a lot of information at the same time.

Custom OLED Display for OurWeather

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