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MARRtino is a ROS-based low-cost differential drive robot platform that comes in many shapes.

MARRtino has been designed to be easy-to-build and easy-to-program, but at the same time it uses professional software based on ROS. It is thus suitable to implement and experiment many typical Robotics and Artificial Intelligence tasks, such as smart navigation, spoken human-robot interaction, image analysis, etc.

MARRtino is being successfully used in a variety of educational activities, ranging from pre-school children to PhD and PostDoc in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

You can develop your own robot in five steps:

1-Acquire the hardware - Part list

2-Assemble the robot - Build

3-Install the robot - Software

MARRtino Virtual Application (Virtual Machine)


Oracle VirtualBox 5.x or 6.x and Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack
MARRtino OVA file

Installation instructions:
Install Oracle VirtualBox and Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack
Download the Oracle virtual application MARRtino 3.0 (5 GB)
From Oracle VirtualBox, import MARRtino virtual application (Import appliance)
Run MARRtino virtual application and enjoy it! (User: ubuntu, Password: marrtino)

For additional instructions check also here (currently only in Italian).

Raspberry Pi 3 image files (for Model B and Model B+)

Image files for Model B and B+

4-Setup the robot Quick Setup

Update the software firmware
Upload firmware

5-Program the robot- Several level of languages 4 in 1 - Programming

Robot Simulator




If you want to try MARRtino functionalities in a simulator, you can install the software (Step 3) and program the robot (Step 5) using the simulation mode.

Below some video example on how to setup and first programming

MARRtino's Family

What you can do with MARRtino ? Competition Robocup@Home Education - Service Robot @Home



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