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Basic Micro


Motor Contollers

Robust Solutions

Multi-mode interface supports control from a wide range of inputs such as R/C radio receivers, analog inputs, serial devices, USB and CANopen. Numerous example software libraries written in several languages to support a wide range of microcontrollers and interface options. Supporting many encoder types for precision control. Included Motion Studio software makes setup and tuning simple.


Motor Controllers

Control brushed DC motors in open or closed loop modes. Control acceleration, deceleration, distance, speed, current sense, voltage limits and more. User definable settings to control acceleration and decelerate speeds. Multi-mode interface provides robust control from many different devices. RoboClaw supports 3.3V or 5V logic levels no level shifting required.


Advanced Motion Controllers

Enclosed high power motor controllers with an integrated scripting language. User controllable I/O for interfacing to a wide range of devices and sensors. Control MCP from CANopen, RS232, TTL, Analog and R/C. Integrated control for contactors and braking systems. The MCP's programming language and user controlled I/O can help reduce system cost by eliminating a secondary control system such as a PLC or microcontroller in most applications.

Basic Micro


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