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BellaBot Standard- Kitten-shaped Delivery Robot

20.220,00 €

BellaBot is Pudu’s first full-dimensional sensory delivery robot. It has an extremely cute design and is equipped with innovative multi-modal interaction, which brings human-computer interaction experience one step further and makes delivery become more "friendly" ever since.


 Equipped with multiple Intel RealSense D435 depth cameras, which provide a global shutter sensor and a larger lens for better performance in darkness, it is an excellent solution for robot positioning and navigation, and 3D perception.

Independent Linkage Suspension

 The newly-developed car-grade linkage suspension can adapt to the undulations of the road, effectively absorb the impact of obstacles, demonstrating an excellent obstacle surmounting capability


PUDU SLAM is a multi-sensor fusion SLAM algorithm independently developed by Pudu. It adopts a combination of various sensors such as vision camera, lidar, IMU, encoder, RGB-D depth camera and ultrasonic radar. It can realize centimeter-level real-time positioning and high-precision map construction. It can also run efficiently in complex and mixed scenarios such as restaurants.

3D Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance

In pursuit of higher safety, BellaBot is equipped with 3D sensors and a new modular chassis. It can stop at any angle and move away as soon as it encounters obstacles.


 PUDU SCHEDULER has adopted a decentralized, flexible ad hoc network communication scheme and algorithm architecture. Each robot can directly communicate with any robot in the same network, and quickly calculate and make decisions. Such design reduces the requirements for the network, reduces a central computing node that requires high computing power, and is closer to the interaction mechanism among people


 PUDU CLOUD platform provides a powerful cloud intelligent service support for Pudu robots, enabling smart catering, with specific functions such as: business management platform, automated operation and maintenance platform, scenario data collection platform, and cloud intelligent service platform.

AI Voice

 The newly added AI voice module supports hundreds of exclusive contextual dialog content, making BellaBot more interesting.

Light Interaction

 Different task status trigger corresponding light effect interactions, making the status indication clearer.

Touch for Feedback

 The new touch interaction makes the feedback of BellaBot more comprehensive, and the human-machine experience is unprecedented.

Smart Expression

s There are dozens of exclusive original expressions, which make the emotional expression of BellaBot more diverse, and make you feel more real "Cat".

Design Aesthetics

 BellaBot adopts an innovative bionic design. The bionic design is just perfect from the height of the machine body to the screen tilt, and to the shape curve.


Machine size: 516*537*1290mm

Machine weight: 55kg

Machine material: ABS/aviation-grade aluminum alloy

Charging time: 4.5H

Battery lifetime: 7X24H (power exchangeable)

Cruise speed: 0.5~1.2m/s adjustable

Single tray load: 10kg