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PN532 NFC/RFID Controller Shield for arduino uno r3

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Keyestudio PN532 NFC/RFID Controller Shield based on PN532 chip is used for field communication close to 13.56MHz. This shield is equipped with an onboard antenna, so there is no external antenna coil. It is compatible with SPI, IIC, UART interface to communicate. When using it, directly stack it onto Arduino UNO R3 control board.


Performance Parameters

Chip:NXP PN532

Working Voltage:3.3V

Power Voltage:3.3~5.5V

Max Power Current:150mA

Working Current (standby mode): 100 mA

Working Current (write mode): 120 mA

Working Current (read mode): 120 mA

Pointer: PWR

Longest effective communication distance is 5 cm

Support SPI, IIC, UART interface switching.

Can be used for 13.56M non-contact communication.

Compatible with ISO14443 TYPE A and B standards.


Control Method of Interface Mode

There are two sliding switches on the board to select the interface mode:


Test Result  

In the experiment, we use SPI communication, and SCK, MI, MO and NSS on the shield is connected with jumper cap. Dial SET0 to L, SET1 to H. After wiring and uploading the code to the board, open the serial monitor, respectively using S50 Fudan card and key chain to test it, you will get the information as the figure shown blow:


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