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Self-balancing Car Kit For Arduino

100,00 €


online Tutorial:KS0193

download code and library:KS0193


This balance car kit is based on Arduino development platform. We mainly use Keyestudio V4.0 (Black) Main Control Board as core and balance shield with built-in MPU-6050 as drive board to test the car body posture.

The balance shield comes with a Bluetooth interface, fully compatible with the Bluetooth XBee module (only compatible with Android system).

When connecting to Bluetooth, you can easily control the moving direction of balance car with Bluetooth APP, making a variety of unique postures.

To facilitate the operation control, Bluetooth APP has both key and gravity control modes.

Moreover, it adds the function of adjusting the balance angle and PID parameters as well, so you can perfectly adjust and control the balance car.


Motor parameters:

Operating voltage: DC12V

Reduction ratio: 1:30

No-load current: ≤100mA

No-load speed: 247rpm

Rated torque: 1.4

Rated torque: 137.3mN.m

Rated speed: 160rpm

Rated current: ≤0.45A

Stalled torque: 5.5

Stop current: 2.4A

Reducer length: 22mm

Working voltage: DC 9-12V

Motor drive chip: TB6612FNG