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4WD Mecanum Robot Car For Arduino STEM

79,00 €


KEYES group rolls out a 4WD Mecanum Robot kit to cope with this problem. This product not only allows your child to learn the knowledge of programming, but also electronics, mechanics, control logic and computer science.
This is a low-cost, easy-to-operate and open source programming kit. In fact, it is also simple to install and connect from complex electronics integrated into a backplate and a 2.54 anti-plug terminal, which solely need a few simple assembly steps to build your own Mecanum Robot car.
It contains an IR remote control, 7-color LEDs, RGB2812, a line tracking sensor, a servo, motors and Mecanum wheels, an ultrasonic module,etc. Furthermore, the detailed projects will guide you to learn the working principle of sensors and modules.
There are 12 programming courses in this kit, which rang from simple to complex. If this can not meet your demand, you can seek to alter code and add extra modules to enrich the functions. 



1.Multi-purpose function: color light display, IR control, bluetooth control, universal wheel control, ultrasonic follow, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, 4WD drive, car tracking, UNO PLUS control board, etc.

2.Easy to build: Motor drive , RGB2812 and 7-color LEDs have been integrated in the bottom plate above and without welding circuit.

3.Novel style: We use the Mecanum wheels and the wirings between modules are simple.

4.High extension: Preserve IIC, UART, SPI, ESP8266WIFI and you can extend other sensors and modules. What’s more, the Matrix keyboard has a strong controllability.

5.Basic programming learning:use C language and code.