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MAX471 GY-471 3A Current Sensor Module

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MAX471 GY-471 3A Current Sensor Module


The MAX471 module (HCSENS0041) is a complete, bidirectional, highside current-sense amplifier for portable PCs, telephones, and other systems where battery/DC power-line monitoring is critical. High-side power-line monitoring is especially useful in battery-powered systems, since it does not interfere with the ground paths of the battery chargers or monitors often found in “smart” batteries. The MAX471 has an internal 35m? current-sense resistor and measures battery currents up to ±3A. The module has a built-in 2K Ohm sens resitor giving the module a full sensor range of +/- 3A. An open-collector SIGN output indicates current-flow direction, so the user can monitor whether a battery is being charged or discharged. Operation is from 3V to 36V, and draws less than 100µA over temperature

The module is also supplied with optional 2 way screw terminal and 0.1" pitch header (requires soldering).



Product code: HCSENS0041
Current sens max: +/- 3A
Current sens voltage: 3 to 36V
Sensor output: 1V / Amp
Dimensions: 20mm x 19.5mm


RS+.........Load positive supply (3 to 36V)
RS-..........Connect to load or charger

RS+.........Alternative load positive supply (3 to 36V)
GND.........Connect to loads 0V/GND supply
OUT..........Current sensor output (1V / Amp, 3V max)
SIGN........Current flow direction. An open-collector logic output (low = current flow from RS+ to RS-).
GND.........Alternative GND (Connect to loads 0V/GND supply)
RS-...........Alternative load/charger connection.

Datasheet is available on our support forum here.

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