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VL53L1X Laser Ranging Module

16,00 €


VL53L1X is an advanced time of flight (ToF) in laser range sensor, it is a tiny ToF sensor, measurement range up to 4 m, rapid measurement frequency up to 50 Hz, it USES a micro can reflow encapsulation, integrates the SPAD receiving array, stealth Class1 940 nm laser emitter, physical infrared optical filter and optical element, can achieve better range performance in various environment light conditions, and provide a variety of cover window options.

Different from the traditional infrared sensor, VL53L1X STToF technology USES whatever target color and reflectivity, can distance measurement.Can also be on the receiving array programming ROI size, allowing the sensor FoV.

The main features
Fully integrated micro module
Size: 4.9 x2.5 x1.56 mm
Transmitter: 940 nm contact laser (Class1)
Single photon avalanche diode (SPAD) receiving array, with integrated lens
Low power microcontrollers running digital firmware
With VL53L0X FlightSense?Distance sensor pin compatible
Fast long distance
Distance measuring up to 400 cm
Up to 50 Hz frequency range
Typical full field of view (FoV) : 27 °
Can be interested in receiving array on programmable area (ROI) size, enables the sensor FoV reduced
Programmable ROI on receiving array location, provide more area of the host operating control
The I2C interface (400 kHz)
Shut off and the interrupt pin

Voltage: 3.3 to 5 v
Communication interface: the I2C
Size: 12 x17x3. 2 mm

Distance: 4 cm to 4 m