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BH1750FVI Digital Light Intensity Module

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KS0278  1750 (1)1. Introduction

Keyestudio BH1750FVI digital light intensity module is a digital light intensity sensor integrated circuit used for two-wire serial bus interface. It uses the light intensity data collected by module to adjust the brightness of LCD and keyboard backlight. The module resolution can detect a wide range of light intensity changes.


2. Specification

1)Diameter 26mm, large diameter 28.5mm, high 26mm (plus light ball)

2)Working voltage: DC 5V

3)Communication interface: IIC

4)Input light range: 1-65535lx

5)Spectral sensitivity: typical value of peak sensitivity wavelength: 560nm

6)Weak dependency on light source: incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, white LED and fluorescent is available.


3. Connection Diagram

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