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Gigahertz-Solution NA1 Demand Switch

118,52 €

Network decoupler NA1 Comfort (VDE-Geprüft)

The network decoupler NA1 Comfort is the basic model from Gigahertz-Solutions. The device provides all important core functions of the NA series. The decoupler is VDE-Geprüft and stands for safety and reliability. In addition, the NA1 ensures the interruption of the mains voltage when no power is needed. The device from Gigahertz Solutions is installed in the fuse box so that the lines behind the decoupler only have a minimal mains voltage. Thus, loads from NF fields are reliably and safely reduced to a minimum.

Features at a glance:

Also works with rotary dimmers, fluorescent tubes, energy-saving lamps, halogen bulbs and devices with start-up electronics
Orientation lights in light switches and baby night lights also work when the network decoupler NA1 has been disconnected
The device is reverse polarity protected and resistant to overvoltage
LED display for function control (system on / off)
Must be pre-assured with a maximum of 10 A.
VDE-Geprüft (tested safety)