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Gravity™ Analog ORP Sensor / Meter

32,70 €

Every project is different; sometimes, you need high accuracy digital readings. And other times, you only need a basic analog output. For those of you looking to add ORP measurements into your device but want something simple, the Atlas Scientific Gravity ORP Meter/Sensor is for you. This low-cost ORP meter gives you the same capabilities found in basic hand-held meters, with an easy way of capturing the data.


Reads ORP
Range -1500mV − 1500mV
Accuracy +/– 1mV
Response time Continuous analog output
Supported probes Any type & brand
Calibration Optional
Temp. compensation No (unnecessary)
Data protocol Analog 0 − 3V
Gravity™ dimensions 56.2mm x 32mm (2.2″ x 1.2″)
Weight: 15 grams