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86STH156 NEMA-34 Bipolar Gearless Large Stepper

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86STH156 NEMA-34 Bipolar Gearless Large Stepper


Product Description

This NEMA-34 motor generates 122 kg-cm of holding torque at 4.2 Amps. It comes with the rear shaft exposed, so you can mount an encoder or shaft coupler.

When connected to a 1067 - PhidgetStepper Bipolar HC, the 3336 has a maximum speed of 1500 RPM.

Motor Controller and Connection

The 3336 stepper motor connects to a bipolar motor controller such as the 1067 - PhidgetStepper Bipolar HC.

Series wiring will result in higher torque when the motor is stopped or at low speeds. Parallel wiring will provide better torque at higher speeds, but less torque overall. Since the current in parallel mode is split between two paths, the current rating is doubled.

When connecting motor wires to one another, you must solder or screw clamp them together rather than just twisting them together.

Note: Make sure to unplug the power cord from the motor controller before switching wires around.

The rear shaft of this motor can be equipped with the HKT22 Optical Encoder for applications where you need to keep track of the exact position, velocity, or acceleration of the motor.

Product Specifications

Motor Properties

Motor Type Bipolar Stepper
Manufacturer Part Number 86STH156-4208B
Step Angle 1.8°
Step Accuracy ± 5 %
Holding Torque 122 kg·cm
Rated Torque 106 kg·cm
Maximum Speed (w/1067 Motor Controller) 1500 RPM
Acceleration at Max Speed 
(w/1067 Motor Controller)
15000 1/16 steps/sec²

Electrical Properties

Recommended Voltage 30 V DC
Coil Resistance 900 m?
Rated Current (Series Wiring) 3 A
Rated Current (Parallel Wiring) 6 A
Phase Inductance 8 mH

Physical Properties

Shaft Diameter 5?8?
Rear Shaft Diameter 3.9 mm
Mounting Plate Size NEMA - 34
Weight 5.2 kg
Number of Leads 8
Wire Length 400 mm


warning Connecting the motor directly to a power supply will destroy the motor and void the warranty. If you want to check your motor make sure it is connected to a constant current / chopper drive controller. 

This motor is large enough that the back EMF generated from stalling or changing directions could easily damage your motor controller. If you're planning on using this motor in high-speed or high-torque applications, feel free to contact us for advice.