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ADS1115 I2C 16-Bit Analog-to-Digital Module

8,00 €


23ULTRA-SMALL QFN PACKAGE: The ADS1113, ADS1114, and ADS1115 are
2mm × 1,5mm × 0,4mm precision analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with 16
WIDE SUPPLY RANGE: 2.0V to 5.5V bits of resolution offered in an ultra-small, leadless
LOW CURRENT CONSUMPTION: QFN-10 package or an MSOP-10 package. The ADS1113/4/5 are designed with precision, power, and
Continuous Mode: Only 150μA ease of implementation in mind. The ADS1113/4/5
Single-Shot Mode: Auto Shut-Down feature an onboard reference and oscillator. Data are
PROGRAMMABLE DATA RATE: transferred via an I2C-compatible serial interface; four
8SPS to 860SPS I2C slave addresses can be selected. The
INTERNAL LOW-DRIFT ADS1113/4/5 operate from a single power supply
VOLTAGE REFERENCE ranging from 2.0V to 5.5V.
INTERNAL OSCILLATOR The ADS1113/4/5 can perform conversions at rates
INTERNAL PGA up to 860 samples per second (SPS). An onboard PGA is availabel on the ADS1114 and ADS1115 that
I2C INTERFACE: Pin-Selectable Addresses offers input ranges from the supply to as low as
FOUR SINGLE-ENDED OR TWO ±256mV, allowing both large and small signals to be
DIFFERENTIAL INPUTS (ADS1115) measured with high resolution. The ADS1115 also
features an input multiplexer (MUX) that provides two ? PROGRAMMABLE COMPARATOR differential or four single-ended inputs.
(ADS1114 and ADS1115)
The ADS1113/4/5 operate either in continuous
APPLICATIONS conversion mode or a single-shot mode that
PORTABLE INSTRUMENTATION automatically powers down after a conversion and greatly reduces current consumption during idle
CONSUMER GOODS periods. The ADS1113/4/5 are specified from –40°C