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Kindergarten Robotics-3D classroom pack (Set of 12 Kits and Accessories)

2.900,00 €

Complete AI & Robotics Class Pack for school and activity center to engage students in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics with hands-on activities, certified curriculum, and teacher training.

  • Includes: 12 R3DRobot Ultimate Kits with consumables, sensors, spares, activity robotics arenas, portable battery chargers.
  • For Grades 3-12: Engage 20-30 students at a time per classroom pack.
  • 120+ Hours of Interactive Online Course/Curriculum: Structured AI and Robotics curriculum with six courses on Graphical block programming and six on Python programming. Students can make hundreds of robotics configurations with lots of fun DIY robotics activities.
  • Educator Resources and LMS: Comes with planned AI & Robotics educator resources, lecture slides, activity sheets, assessment guides, and learning management system.
  • Includes PictoBlox Premium Features: Get PictoBlox premium features (AI, ML extensions for face recognition, image detection, self driving, speech recognition, etc.) for up to 200 students and 3 teachers.

One-Stop Solution for AI and Robotics Education

Your Sandbox for Innovation to implement the latest education trends

– Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Tinkering all at one place!

All Quarky projects

Durable AI Robotics Kit

Equip your school with Next-Gen AI kits along with consumables. The R3DRobot Ultimate Kit in AI class pack is packed with components which are durable, and reliable.

AI Coding Lab

Coding and AI with PictoBlox

PictoBlox is a Block and Python programming software where student can program the robots and learn new things. Avail premium features of PictoBlox for 3 teachers.

STEM Curriculum

Certified Curriculum & Resources

AI & Robotics class pack comes with ready-to-use structured curriculum for 3rd-12th grade and LMS to track the progress of each student and inculcate important 21st century skills.

Certified Curriculum for Block & Python Coding with LMS

Access free skill-based courses on coding, artificial intelligence, and robotics for 200 students. With Learning Management System, the teacher will be able to access the progress report of all enrolled students and assess.