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Arducam 1/1.8'' 4K 16mm Low Distortion M12 Lens

99,00 €

In order to meet the new demands of the lens to work with more image sensors with the large optical format and high resolution, Arducam selected and tested a wide range of 4K M12-mount lenses from long focus to wide angle for shooting on your high quality cameras. It’s now much easier for you to get the best lens you’ll need, and we will keep the lens list growing in the near future. 

This 16mm F/2.8 low distortion  M12 lens provides a 20° Horizontal Field of View on 1/2.3″ sensors.

Lens Specification

Model No: M1816ZH02S
Resolution: 8MP+
Optical Format:  ~9mm Image circle(Up to 1/1.8”)
TV Distortion : <-0.1%
Effective Focal Length:  16mm
Back Focal Length:  10.1mm
HFOV on 1/1.8″ Camera:  23°
HFOV on 1/2.3″ Camera: 20°
IR Sensitivity:   With 650nm IR filter, sensitive to visible light
Construction:  4G5E+IR
Aperture: F2.8
MOD:  0.3m
Mount: M12 x P0.5
Length Holder Height: 10~12mm
Dimension:  ф14 x 13.73mm
Weight: 5g