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2812-8*5 bit full color RGB M odule/40 bit colorful

10,20 €

This product is an intelligent externally controlled LED light source. The shape of  each LED is the same with a 5050LED light bead and each component acts a pixel.  The pixel contains high-precision internal oscillator and 12V high voltage  programmable constant current control segment, which ensures the color  consistance of pixel light.
  • The brightness of built-in IC light bead is higher than regular light bead.
  • The consistance of RGB tri-color chip in all beads is very high
  • The built-in drive IC is of stable performance
Main features of individual LED:
  • Intelligent anti reverse connection protection, the reverse connection of powerwouldn't damage internal IC of LED;
  • IC control circuit and LED ligght source share the same power source;
  • Carries built-in signal shaping circuit;
  • Carries built-in power-on reset and power-out reset;
  • The tri-color of each pixel can realise 256 level brightness display, it is able to display16777216 kinds of color, and the scan frequency is no lower than 400Hz/s;
  • Serial cascade interface, wich can realize data transceiver and decoding via only onesignal cable;
  • When refreshing rate is 30frame/s, the cascade number is not lower than 1024 point;
  • The data transmission speed can reach up to 800Kbps;
Connection ports:
  • VCC: connect to DC5V
  • G: connect to GND
  • DI: connect to data input
  • DO: connect to data output
Product size: 66.2*40*3 (mm)