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6WD Mini Mantis™

350,00 €

The Mini Mantis™ 6WD rover will take your off-road robotics excursions to the next level! The bug-like chassis offers extreme A-arm style suspension and 3.3125” of independent wheel travel. With 485 rpm Economy Gear Motors, you’ll have plenty of torque to turn the aggressive 4.3” off-road tires even when up against the toughest obstacles. The suspension incorporates 3.85” aluminum beams and our 130mm, oil-filled, aluminum bodied shocks.  The 11.75” wide (full extension), 14.75” long, 6.875” tall (full extension)  boxed channel chassis provides a rigid backbone with endless mounting and customization options, making it easy to bolt Actobotics® components and electronics directly to the chassis of the rover. Rubber grommets and end caps are included for protecting the motor wires as they get routed to your motor controller of choice. The 1.90" Black Robot Wheels are driven using 12mm aluminum hex wheel adaptors to ensure a solid, no slip connection. 


ASSEMBLY REQUIRES (not included): 
#1 Phillips Screwdriver
5/16” wrench
3/32” hex key
7/64” hex key
9/64” hex key


(6) Black Robot Wheels (595652)
(4) Channel Connector Plate A (Stainless Steel) Pair (545532)
(6) 12mm Hex Wheel Adaptor D, 4mm Bore (545648)
(6) Acetyl Motor Mount
(2) 13.5" Channel (585456)
(30) 90 Degree Dual Side Mounts D (585598)
(6) 130mm Aluminum Robot Shock (585032)
(24) 3.85" Beam (585410)
(6) 4.3" Off-Road Tires (595650)
(6) .375"L x .2497"D, 6-32 Tapped Aluminum Standoff (633120)
(8) Plastic Locking Grommet (636075)
(6) 485 RPM Econ Gear Motor (638356)
(52) .250"L x 6-32 Zinc-Plated Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screw (632106
(12) .375"L x 6-32 Zinc-Plated Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screw (632110)
(6) .5625"L x 6-32 Zinc-Plated Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screw (623116)
(48) .875"L x 6-32 Zinc-Plated Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screw (632122)
(48) 6-32 Locknuts (632142)
(12) #6 Washers (632144)
(96) #6 Standard Washer (90126a007)
(54) #6 Locking Washers (91102a007)
(6) Econ Gear Motor Endcap (9753K86)
(12) M3 x 8mm length Flat Head Phillips Screw
(24) 6-32 x 1/4" length Flat Head Phillips Screw (91771A144)

Voltage (Nominal): 12V
Voltage Range (Recommended): 6V - 18V
Speed (No Load)*: 485 rpm
Current (No Load)*: 0.10A
Current (Stall)*: 3.8A
Torque (Stall)*: 106.28 oz-in (7.65 kgf-cm)
Gear Ratio: 20:1
Gear Material: Metal
Gearbox Style: Straight Cut Spur
Motor Type: DC
Output Shaft Diameter: 4mm (0.1575”)
Output Shaft Style: D-shaft
Output Shaft Support: Bushing
Electrical Connection: Male Spade Terminal
Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ +60°C
Mounting Screw Size: 3mm
Product Weight: 0.19lb (3.05oz)

Product Weight 5.41 lbs
Tire Size 4.3"
Motor Size Compatibility Economy Spur Gear Motors