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4DOF Robot Arm Microbit Learning Kit Robot Arm Kit DIY Robot STEM

77,00 €

Micro:bit is a microcontroller of ARM structure designed by the BBC. To be specific, it is only half size of a credit card, onboard with a Bluetooth, an accelerometer, an electronic compass, three buttons, a 5 x 5 LED dot matrix as well as a microphone and is mainly used for programming education of teenagers.
To make Micro:bit more accessible to learn, our team specially developed this robot arm Micro:bit learning kit. It is a STEM education robot arm dedicated to DIY production, programming learning, parent-child entertainment as well as educational training. For instance, we are able to leverage the Micro:bit mainboard and two joystick modules to control the rotation angles of four servos as a way to realize the robot arm to pick up or drop objects in different positions.
For your convenience, tutorials of MakeCode graphical programming and MicroPython language programming are contained in this kit, each of which boasts Micro:bit basic projects and Micro:bit robot arm projects, making it easy for enthusiasts of different ages to master.