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Marvel. Modem Outdoor

119,00 €

Marvelmind Modem - HW v4.9 - plastic housing



  • A mild outdoor version of a regular Modem HW v4.9. Pins and USB are available. Reset button is not available. Electronics is fully compound-sealed (water and dust fully protected)
  • Produced on request. Lead time – several days
  • Modem is the central controller of the system and must be always active, when the system is running
  • Supports up to 30 beacons – mobile + stationary in any combination
  • Modem is used to set up the system, monitor it, and interact with the Dashboard
  • Modem can be placed anywhere within radio coverage for permanent radio connection with all beacons (star architecture) — usually in the radius of up to 100 meters with antennas from the Starter Set. Radio coverage further extended to a few hundred meters by using a lower bitrate of 38kbps and full-size (165mm for a 433MHz band) antennas, which been tested up to 400+ m in ideal conditions
  • There are 433MHz and 915MHz modem versions available
  • A proprietary radio protocol used for communication and synchronization
  • More on modem interfaces: