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ArmPi Raspberry Pi 4B AI Vision Robotic Arm

399,00 €

  • AI / Python Programming
  • OPenCV/Machine Vision
  • High-definition Camera
  • Large capacity battery, long service time
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi, 4B 2G and 4B 4G for your choice
  • Open Python Source Code
  • Sopprt VNC Remote Desktop Control and APP


Item Specification
Size height 291* width 159* height 430 (mm)
Weight 1.2kg
Material metal bracket
Camera resolution 480P
DOF 5DOF+gripper
Power Supply  7.5V 6A DC adapter
DOF 5DOF+gripper
Hardware Raspberry Pi 4B and Raspberry Pi extension board
Software PC VNC software+iOS/Android mobile phone App
Servo Parameter single shaft/LX-15D/LX-225 intelligent bus servo
Control System computer and mobile phone app control
Package Size 455* 378* 180 (mm)
Package weight about 4.5kg
Package List (assembled) ArmPi robotic arm
7.5V 6A power supply adapter
Camera fixed metal bracket
3*3cm red, green and blue blocks
16G U disk
Card reader

The intelligent visual robotic arm ArmPi is powered by Raspberry Pi 4B. With built-in inverse kinematics algorithm and a high-definition camera. ArmPi can sort color blocks, track and grab, and stack blocks intelligently. ArmPi helps you to learn more about machine vision, OpenCV, inverse kinematics algorithms and etc. Abundant awesome ideas are waiting for you to to have a try.


  • AI / Python Programming/OPenCV/Machine Vision.
  • Provide Python Open Source Code and Inverse Kinematics Algorithm.
  • Installed high-definition camera, catch the real-time image.
  • Visual drag-and-drop Interface for easier operation.
  • Intelligent serial bus servo with high precision, feedback function and convenient wiring.
  • Support PC software, phone App and VNC remote desktop control.