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xArm2.0: Hiwonder New Intelligent Robotic Arm

439,00 €
  • Upgraded Servo Controller
  • Brand-new Sensors
  • Inverse Kinematics Algorithm
  • Mobile/PC/handle/offline manual control
  • Based on Scratch/Python
  • Serial bus servo. Full metal gear

xArm2.0 is a programmable robotic arm with 6DOF, using intelligent serial bus servos. All these servos have functions of position feedback, voltage feedback. It also supports multi-robot cooperation, ideal for electronics and coding learning.
xArm2.0 includes learning kit which supports Scratch and Python coding, matched with more than 10 electronic modules. You could easily achieve many creative functions. Compatible with all series Hiwonder sensor, you could extend more functions with xArm2.0.



  • Strong motor: Use serial bus servo LX-15D to power robotic arms. Full metal gear, high precision imported potentiometer. Servo support angle read back, voltage feedback, temperature feedback, and servo protecting .

  • xArm2.0 supports Scratch and Python coding, meets different learning requirements.

  • Inverse kinematics algorithm analysis: Better understand working principle.

  • Upgraded servo controller: Includes button, buzzer, sound sensor, RGB light, infrared receiver and etc. Unified connector and convenient wiring.

  • Various programming methods and control methods: Support mobile phone control, PC control, handle control and offline manual control.


Item Specification
Coding Method: Scratch, Python Coding
Input: ultrasonic sensor, infrared remote receiver, sound sensor, color sensor
Output: dot matrix module, LFD-01 servo, buzzer, RGB light
Micro Processor: Based on esp32 and stm32; Servo controller is based on stm32F 104
Power Supply: 7.5V 5A DC power adaptor
Offline Method: Bluetooth module
Product Dimension: 433*275* 155mm
Product Weight: 1.8kg
Package List: 1*Metal Frame (include servo horn and bottom plate)
1*USB cable
1*DC power adaptor
1*PS2 wireless handle
1*xArm2.0 Robot Arm
1*Ultrasonic sensor
1*Dot Matrix Module
1*Infrared remote
4*4PIN wire
3*Colored object
1*Bus servo controller
5*LX-15D serial bus servo
1*Single-shaft bus servo
1*Handle receiver
1*CoreX Controller
1*Ultrasonic fixed frame
1*Color sensor
1*LFD-01 anti-blocking servo