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Strafer Chassis Kit (No Wheels)

442,62 €

Meet the BYOW (Bring Your Own Wheels) version of the Strafer Chassis! This kit is purposefully void of wheels as we know what an investment mecanums are for teams and builders who have to be mindful of a budget. If you’ve already popped for Nexus, VEX, Tetrix or AndyMark mecanums, simply bolt them onto the included wheel adaptors. Check out the photo gallery for hardware suggestions on mounting the mentioned wheels to your new chassis.

From the top, the chassis looks simple, maybe too simple to be considered a chassis. Flip it over and you’ll notice the nested 5202 Series Planetary Gear Motors, all steel bevel gears, heavy duty hubs, and ball-bearings ready for some low-friction strafing action!

The motors are 435RPM - the final speed of your chassis will be dependent on the wheel diameter you choose to install but with some quick math, you’ll be able to determine it. Here’s an example with 100mm diameter wheels: 

To convert diameter to circumference:
100mm diameter * Pi = 314mm circumference

To convert millimeters to inches
314/25.4 = 12.36” circumference

To calculate final RPM with 435RPM motor and 2:1 Bevel Gears:
435RPM * 0.5 = 217.5

To convert RPM to speed in inches per minute
217.5RPM*12.36” per revolution = 2688.3”/minute

To convert inches per minute to inches per second
5376.6/60 = 44.8”/sec.

To convert inches per second to feet per second
89.61/12 = 3.73ft/sec.

Bevel Gears
The bevel gears, located near each of the four corners of the chassis, create a 90° drive so that the motors can nest inside the 1120 Series U-Channel. The bevels have been battle-tested, even with brushless motors, and are extremely stout. Don’t worry about slipping as they each clamp to a 6mm d-shaft and the bores are matched to the d-profile of the shafts they mount to.

Each 6mm d-shaft is supported in a pair of flanged bearings in order to maximize the torque transferred from the motors to the shafts.

There are many options to get your chassis up and going. While the name suggests mecanum wheels, don’t let that stop you from creating a skid-steer chassis with conventional wheels. Below is a list of known compatible wheels. If you’re an FTC team, be mindful of the wheel width as you need to abide by the 18” size constraint.

Compatible Andymark Wheels:

  • 4" Stealth Wheels
  • HiGrip Wheels
  • SmoothGrip Wheels
  • 6 in. Rubber Treaded Wheel
  • 8 in. Rubber Treaded Wheel
  • 4 in. HD Mecanum Wheel
  • 6 in. SR Mecanum Wheel
  • Performance Wheels
  • Pneumatic Wheels
  • Plaction Wheels

Compatible Nexus Wheels:

  • 4" Aluminum Mecanum Wheels
  • 5" Aluminum Mecanum Wheels
  • 6" Aluminum Mecanum Wheels
  • 8" Aluminum Mecanum Wheels
  • 10" Aluminum Mecanum Wheels
  • 4" Double Plastic Omni Wheel
  • 4" Double Aluminum Omni Wheel

Compatible VEX Wheels:

  • Mecanum Wheels
  • VersaWheels
  • Traction Wheels
  • Omni Wheels

Compatible Tetrix Wheels:

  • Tetrix Max Mecanum Wheels

Kit Contents:

1120-0007-0192 2 1120 Series U-Channel (7 Hole, 192mm Length)
1120-0017-0432 2 1120 Series U-Channel (17 Hole, 432mm Length)
1201-0043-0002 4 1201 Series Quad Block Pattern Mount (43-2)
1205-0001-0002 4 1205 Series Dual Block Mount (1-2) - 2 Pack
1206-0016-0005 2 1206 Series Pattern Adaptor (16-5) - 2 Pack
1310-0016-1006 8 1310 Series Hyper Hub (6mm D-Bore)
1611-0514-0006 4 1611 Series Flanged Ball Bearing (6mm ID x 14mm OD, 5mm Thickness) - 2 Pack
2101-0006-0090 4 2101 Series Stainless Steel D-Shaft (6mm Diameter, 90mm Length)
2306-0006-0014 4 2306 Series Steel, MOD 1.5, D-Bore, Clamping Pinion Bevel Gear (6mm Bore, 14 Tooth)
2307-0014-0028 4 2307 Series Steel, MOD 1.5, Hub Mount Bevel Gear (6mm Bore, 28 Tooth)
2800-0004-0008 1 2800 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Socket Head Screw (M4 x 0.7mm, 8mm Length) - 25 Pack
2800-0004-0011 4 2800 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Socket Head Screw (M4 x 0.7mm, 11mm Length) - 25 Pack
2807-0609-0250 1 2807 Series Stainless Steel Shim (6mm ID x 9mm OD, 0.25mm Thickness) - 12 Pack
2910-0816-0006 4 2910 Series Aluminum Clamping Collar (6mm ID x 16mm OD, 8mm Length)
5202-0002-0014 4 5202 Series Yellow Jacket Planetary Gear Motor (13.7:1 Ratio, 435 RPM, 3.3 - 5V Encoder)
2911-0014-0001 1 Plastic Grommet (14-1) - 12 Pack
4201-0090-0025 1 2.5mm Ball-End Hex L-Key
4201-0090-0030 1 3mm Ball-End Hex L-Key
3801-0613-0100 4 2-Pos JST VH [MH-FC] to 3.5mm Bullet [MH-FC] Adaptor (100mm Length)