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HFS-2200-A Milling Motor
  • HFS-2200-A Milling Motor

HFS-2200-A Milling Motor (EU) complete (400V)

1.590,00 €

The STEPCRAFT HF spindle HFS-2200-A is specifically designed for industrial application and operates with high precision, stability and smooth running. The powerful spindle contains a 3-phase asynchronous motor to provide high torque levels and is constructed in a classic design. It is installed on the Z-axis of the Q-Series with the help of M8 slot nuts.  

The package "complete" already contains the entire spindle control as well as the CE compliant and safety electronics.


  • Incl. complete spindle control
  • With CE compliant wiring and safety electronics
  • Speed: up to 24.000 rpm.

  • Rated power: 2,2 kW

  • 3-phase asynchronous motor 220 V

  • Collet ER20, max. clampable end mill shaft 12 mm,

  • Control via Siemens SINAMICS V20 frequency converter, rated power 2,2kW with 150 % overload for 60 seconds incl. integrated filter C2, fully assembled in separate housing

Accessory for: Q-Serie