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3.516,39 €

More than a standard CNC machine! From Freestyle MillingTM to two different machine table heights, the STEPCRAFT M-Series offers features never seen before. This makes the STEPCRAFTM-Series the most mobile and versatile CNC router in the world.

With the STEPCRAFT M-Series you can easily process floors, large sheet material or even existing furniture. As all the STEPCRAFT D-Series CNC tools are compatible with the STEPCRAFT M-Series as well, you can set your creativity free and use your CNC router for milling, laser engraving, cutting, 3D printing or engraving. Thus, the STEPCRAFT M-Series is perfectly suited for the use in workshops, schools or production halls.


Thanks to the multitude of available tools, you can processs a variety of different materials on your STEPCRAFT M-Series:

  • Wood: Softwood, Hardwood, plywood, laminated wood 
  • Plastics: Thermoplastics, ABS, PE, PP, soft / hard PVC, Lexan®, polyamid, Plexiglas®
  • Carbon
  • Non-ferrous metals 
  • Elastomers, thermosets
  • Mixed materials

All included! Together with the manual and the enclosed Wera tool set incl. a torque screwdriver, the assembly of your CNC router will only take you a couple of hours. Numerous illustrations and video support will help you assembling your CNC construction kit in only a few hours. The CNC kit will not only save you money but teach you every single screw of your STEPCRAFT M-Series as well. This allows you to later perform maintenance works and adjustments on your own.

  • Supplied with all components necessary for operation 
  • Integrated modular control electronics for an easy connection to the computer via USB interface resp. via optional parallel or optional Ethernet RJ45 interface
  • MDF machine table with aluminum T-slots resp. optional aluminum T-slot table
  • Two different machine table heights
  • Bosch Rexroth ball bearing guide 
  • igus® dryspin threaded lead screws with double lead screw nuts adjustable to each other resp. optional HIWIN® ball screws 
  • Flexi GuidesTM to securely guide cables and tubes 
  • Powerful motors Nema 23
  • In-house development of STEPCRAFT aluminum profiles with innovative high rigidity X-profile (registered utility model)
  • Standard Ø 43 mm tool holder enables the use of third-party devices (if necessary with adapter) 
  • Completely removable machine table
  • Freestyle MillingTM with optional vacuum panels (registered utility model)
  • Made in Germany
  • 3 years manufacturer's warranty 
  • Overall Size (X,Y,Z): 913 x 1226 x 646 mm
  • Working Space (X,Y,Z): 679 x 1044 x 194 mm
  • Clamping Surface (X,Y): 843 x 1150 mm 
  • Backlash: < 0.05 mm


  • Complete CNC DIY kit including all mechanical and electronic components
  • Operating and assembly instructions 
  • USB / Parallel (LPT1)
  • Milling Motor AMB-1400 FME-P DI 
  • ER16 collet 3.175 mm 
  • End Mill Set "Starter" consisting of:
    • 1x End Mill Double Flute Upcut 3 mm
    • 1x End Mill Double Flute Upcut 2 mm
    • 1x End Mill Double Flute Upcut 1 mm
    • 1x End Mill Double Flute Downcut 2 mm
    • 1x End Mill Spiral Toothed Upcut 2 mm
    • 1x End Mill Spiral Toothed Downcut 1 mm
    • 1x End Mill Diamond Toothed 2 mm
    • 1x Engraving Bit (V-Router) 60°
    • 1x End Mill Single-Flute 2 mm
    • 1x End Mill Radius 2 mm
  • Control Software: UCCNC


  • Complete CNC DIY kit including all mechanical and electronic components
  • USB- or parallel cable connection
  • 3x Flexi GuidesTM
  • WERA tool set
  • Operating manual 
  • Detailed assembly manual 


  • PC with 1 GHz processor 
  • USB interface 
  • Windows® XP or higher (32/64 bit)
  • MAC OS X 10.3.9 or higher with Windows® Emulation 


  • Operating Manual

Shipping weight: 53,39 Kg