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215,00 €


Super-Modem is a superior version of the Modem HW v4.9 with advanced capabilities. Additional features:

  • WiFi support for UDP streaming (now) and future remote control of the modem and the whole system via TCP-IP
  • Bluetooth (HW enabled, but not yet supported in SW)
  • >1000x more RAM and >1000x Flash memory than Modem HW v4.9
  • Full-size bendable antenna by default
  • Higher ingress protection. Up to IP67 (optional)
  • Super-Modem’s HW supports Super-Modem and Super-Super-Modem functionality for Multi-Modem architecture:

Specs and features:

  • Designed for outdoor and industrial applications
  • External bendable antennas with SMA connector for extended radio range included
  • Currently, supports license-free 915MHz ISM band (for example, US, Japan, Korea) and license-free SRD band 868MHz (EU, Russia). Future 433MHz HW variants may come in some months, but no firm schedule yet. You can place orders for 433MHz. When sufficient amount is collected, we will produce the 433MHz version as well
  • Supports all types of beacons working in the 915MHz band (among them: Super-Beacons, all Industrial beacons, Mini-RX, Beacons HW v4.9, Helmets, Badges, Jackets, Watches, etc.)
  • Two IP67 external connectors (similar to Industrial beacons):
    1. Power:
      • +12V power supply (works from +6V till +15V) – the same as with Industrial-TX and Industrial-RX – up to 200mA
      • Reset pin
      • DFU pin
      • GND
    2. Interfaces :
      • RS485
      • UART 3.3V
      • USB (TX+RX)
      • GND
  • Corresponding IP67 connectors (male part) included
  • Exactly the same mounting holes as for Industrial beacons
  • No battery inside – external power supply (+6..17V) required (for example, External battery is not practical for long-term due to relatively high and constant power consumption of 1.5-2W
  • For optional IP67 version – extended working temperature range: -40C…+50C (provided by design – not tested, not certified)
  • Embedded reset switch and DFU switch – magnetic control or external pins on IP67
  • Supports both IA and NIA. Can be easily switched between the modes in the Dashboard
  • Radio range to modem – up to a few hundred meters in open space. WiFi – a few tens of meters in the open space