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Compound-sealed 12V & 5Ah (54Wh-capacity) battery for industrial applications:

Battery lifetime:

  • Totally depends on the mode of operation:
    • RX vs. TX – TXs may consume more for small submaps and RXs more for larger submaps
    • Location update rate – higher update rate – nearly proportionally shorter battery lifetime
    • Size of the submap (for RX beacons) – larger submap => longer receiver works => shorter battery lifetime. Not directly proportional, but, roughly 1/2 ratio
    • Radio profile – 500kbps gives notable battery lifetime increase as compared with 38kbps. Formula is complex and it depends on other parameters mentioned above

This sales item is considered to be dangerous goods. The shipping cost varies in time and is calculated manually case by case depending on the order volume and the country of destination