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Beacon Industrial-TX-Metal (868Mhz)

179,00 €


Beacon Industrial-TX-Metal is designed for precise positioning and navigation for industrial applications indoor and outdoor such as tracking vehicles, precise distance measurement, warehousing safety and automation. The beacon is suitable for autonomous robotics in particularly harsh environment.

Industrial-TX beacon:

  • Designed for outdoor and industrial applications
  • TX-only beacon – can transmit ultrasonic, but can’t receive it
  • Very solid compound-sealed IP67 level protection
  • Special IP67-protected 25-kHz transducers
  • External antenna with SMA connector for extended radio range
  • Currently, supports license-free 915MHz ISM band (US) and license-free SRD band 868MHz (EU). Future 433MHz HW variants may come in some months, but no firm schedule yet. You can place orders for 433MHz. When sufficient amount is collected, we will produce the 433MHz version as well
  • Two IP67 external connectors:
    1. Power:
      • +12V power supply (works from +6V to +15V)
      • Reset pin
      • DFU pin 
      • GND
    2. Interfaces:
      • RS485
      • UART 3.3V
      • USB (TX+RX)
      • GND
  • Corresponding IP67 connectors (male part) included
  • No battery inside by default – external power bank or external power supply (+12V). Optional variant with internal battery is available on request
  • Extended working temperature range: -40C…+50C (provided by design)
  • Embedded reset switch and DFU switch – magnetic control
  • Can work with Industrial-RX beacon and Mini-RX beacon and Beacon HW v4.9 with 25kHz ultrasonic sensors and Super-Beacon. In all cases, the radio bands must match
  • Ultrasonic range – up to 30m
  • Radio range to modem – up to a few hundred meters in open space with full-size antennas
  • Optional external IP67 converter ~110/220V to +12V
  • Optional external Battery-12V-5Ah-Outdoor
  • Optional additional Cable-USB-Industrial. There is no cable included with standalone Industrial beacons. However, there one Cable-USB-Industrial included with Industrial Starter Sets