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Electrically Isolated EZO™ Carrier Board

29,99 €

This carrier board utilizes the newest isolation technology, giving us the ability to put isolation into smaller footprint circuits. The Electrically isolated EZO™ carrier board is an efficient way to connect to one Atlas Scientific circuit to your CPU, eliminating the need for a bread board and external isolator. The five pins on top are left open for you to decide how to connect it to your system.

Data input  UART or I2C

Voltage input 3.0V − 5.0V

Probe connector Female SMA

Current consumption 5V – 28 mA 3.3V – 22 mA

Power saving mode (OFF pin) 2.6mA

Carrier Board dimensions 56.2mm x 32mm (2.2″ x 1.2″)

Weight 25 grams

This carrier board comes with (4) standoffs & screws, (1) 5 pin jumper cable and (1) 5 pin male header

The Electrically Isolated EZO™ Carrier Board does not come with EZO™ class devices.