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Monitoring Software v1.4

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• Quickly setup a remote monitoring station
• Sleek and easy to use touchscreen interface
• Connect up to 6 EZO devices - 
I2C mode only!
• No programing or electrical engineering skills required 
• No wiring required, just connect each EZO device to a Tentacle   T3 shield
• Sensor calibration and configuration can be done at any time
• Connection to cloud coming soon...

Convert your Raspberry Pi into a professional water monitoring system. Atlas iot™ uses the Raspberry Pi + Windows IoT 10, to create a powerful new monitoring system. Mount this to your fish tank, pool, pond, hydroponics, etc... to add a whole new understanding of your water quality. With a nice clear touchscreen, you can easily access all your sensors data, and know in real time what's happening.

• EZO-pH
• EZO-DO (dissolved oxygen)
• EZO-EC (conductivity)

• EZO-RTD (temperature)
• EZO-CO2 sensor
• EZO-RGB color sensor
• EZO-PMP (peristaltic pump)
• EZO-PRS (pressure sensor)

 Atlas iot™ Software v1.4.2 - (63.3mb)
 Atlas iot™ Installation guide

 How to Export logged data
 How to Update the Atlas iot™ software