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Research Grade pH Probe

250,00 €

Experience unparalleled accuracy in pH measurement with our cutting-edge Research-Grade pH Probe. The probe’s exterior, made from chemically resistant materials like Ultem and Teflon, ensures long-term durability even in harsh environments. The flat glass membrane at the tip, a significant deviation from traditional bulb designs, provides enhanced resistance to breakage and superior sensitivity for detecting minute pH fluctuations.

Internally, the probe stands out with its vanadium II-filled glass tube, which acts as an effective hydrogen amplifier, minimizing noise from highly acidic substances. The coiled silver wire inside increases the probe’s silver content, offering precise measurements in low ionic strength solutions. This double junction probe features a substantial 8mm Teflon junction and a unique granular silver chloride power source, ensuring consistent, high-energy readings and longevity in extreme pH environments. Designed for researchers demanding accuracy and resilience, our probe represents a technological leap in pH measurement tools.

Double junction
silver / silver chloride
Reads pH
Range -1.6 − 15.6
Resolution +/- 0.001
Accuracy +/- 0.002
Response time 95% in 1.9s
Temperature range °C -5 − 99 °C
Max pressure 120 PSI
Max depth 85m (280′)
Connector Male SMA / Male BNC (optional)
Cable length 1 meter
Internal temperature sensor No
Time before recalibration ~1.5 Year
Life expectancy ~3 − 5 Years +