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MEGA ProtoShield V3.0 Expansion Board with Mini Bread Board

4,00 €

1. For arduino MEGA / MEGA2560 ProtoShield prototype
expansion board with Immersion Gold PCB processing
technology, motherboards, small gold square pad spacing,
welding components easier.
2. SOP28 SMD component package to be more handy with
for arduino electronics enthusiasts will not be
directly insertbound components.
3. The board can receive MEGA / MEGA2560 seamless
plug controller, directly soldered to the above components
to complete a variety of prototype circuit, you can paste
Mini bread board, through the 7-color jumper to complete
a variety of circuit experiment , board integrated power
indicator andstatus lights, and reset buttons, easy to learn
MEGA / MEGA2560 preferred prototype controller
expansion board.
4. Full Compatible with for arduino Mega ATmega
1280 / MEGA2560.
5. Size:20cm x 15cm.
 Pckage Content:
     1PCS X  ProtoShield V3.0 for arduino
     1 pc X Mini Bread Board 170 points.

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