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Smart Home Kit with PLUS Board for Arduino DIY STEM

49,99 €
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The smart home kit based on Arduino is newly issued by Keyestudieo company. The concept is to make people enjoy life. You could remotely control your assorted smart systems through your phone or computer when you’re out, like turning on air conditioner and water heater on the way home; the electronic door lock and led light will automatically run when you get home. Additionally, the intelligent lighting system can be used to select preset lighting scenes to create a comfortable and quiet atmosphere, which contributes to make your brain completely relaxed. You just need a remote control to finish all the process. What surprises you is that the smart system can save electricity as well. As Bill Gates puts it, in the future, homes without smart home systems will be as unfashionable as homes without internet access today. Let’s know more about smart home kit!

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