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Arducam 64MP Autofocus Quad-Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi

304,00 €


A quad-camera kit that allows you to use up to four 64-megapixel autofocus cameras on a standard Raspberry Pi model.

By default, the kit works in a quad-channel mode where all cameras are configured to capture stills/videos at the exact same time.

Supported Modes

Single Channel (no sync):
4 cameras work consecutively where one camera captures after the other. Full-res for each.

Dual-Channel (synced):
2 cameras merged into 1 full-res frame, working synchronously. 1/2 res for each.

Quad-Channel (synced):
4 cameras merged into 1 full-res frame, working synchronously. 1/4 res for each.



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arducam pi hawk eye specification f




Packing List

  • 4 ×64MP Camera Module
  • 1 ×UC-512 Camarray HAT
  • 4 ×30cm 15-22pin Camera Cable
  • 1 ×7cm 15-22pin Camera Cable
  • 1 ×Screw Pack

*Raspberry Pi and tripod are not included.
*The 64MP cameras in the kit are exclusively made and can only be used with the Camarray HAT. Connecting any of them directly to Raspberry Pi will not work.



  • For dual/quad-channel mode, does the kit still use the full sensor as input?
       - When it’s in sync/4-channel mode, it uses ¼ the pixels of each sensor as input. When you switch to single-channel mode, you can get 4 images at full res!
  • For single channel mode, what frame rate can I get and how fast can I capture and switch between cameras?
      - You can get roughly ~8 frames (full res) per second with single-channel mode, and the HAT we designed has the ability to switch to the next camera after each frame, so in theory, you can switch between cameras every ~125 ms (⅛ s), but, and it’s a huge but, it also depends on how fast you can store that full res image, whether you want the HAT to switch to the next camera after a frame’s captured or stored, which Raspberry Pi model you use, etc.
  • Can this work with your cable extension kit?
       - Yes.