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Arducam 4×IMX219 V3Link FPD-Link SerDes Camera Kit for TI Development Board

250,00 €


Arducam's V3Link camera kit boasts a Full HD IMX219 sensor following the V3Link protocol, standing as the prime choice for high-bandwidth, long-range vision projects. Its shielded coaxial cable ensures dependable power and data transmission up to 10m, maintaining low latency for optimal performance.

Featuring 4× 8MP camera modules, this kit allows flexible channel switching or independent control. Achieving both multi-camera synchronization and remote control, it offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

V3Link, a high-bandwidth transmission interface developed by Texas Instruments, leverages FPD-Link's IP for ADAS, security cameras, industrial, and medical imaging. Empowering Arducam's camera kit, ensures efficient data transmission, making it a robust choice for various applications and long-distance connections.


  • ADAS
  • Automotive
  • Security Cameras
  • Industrial Systems
  • Medical Imaging


  • TI SK-AM62A-LP Compatibility: Tailored for TI SK-AM62A-LP/AM68A/AM69A development board, offering a multi-camera solution with high bandwidth for extended-distance transmission.
  • IMX219 CMOS & Long-Range Stability: Utilizes the IMX219 8MP sensor for high-quality imaging. Achieves stable cable connections up to 10 meters with multi-camera synchronization.
  • Flexible Channel Management: Enables channel switching and independent control, supporting up to four cameras. High-frequency signal transmission facilitates versatile applications like automotive, surveillance, medical, and industrial imaging.
  • Cost-Effective 4-Channel System: Allows the creation of a synchronized 4-channel vision system, reducing development costs. Ideal for various applications, ensuring a smaller footprint and flexible deployment.
  • Plug-and-Play Convenience: Effortless setup with no additional configuration or drivers required. Streamlines the integration process for quick and hassle-free deployment in diverse scenarios.


Image Sensor
Still Resolution 8 Megapixels
Video Modes 1080p30, 640 × 480p30
Sensor Resolution 3280 × 2464 pixels
Sensor image area 3.68 x 2.76 mm (4.6 mm diagonal)
Pixel Size 1.12 µm x 1.12 µm
Optical Size 1/4"
IR Sensitivity Integral IR-cut Filter, visible light only
Focus Type Fixed Focus
Focal Length 3.04mm
F.NO F2.0
Field of View(FOV) 62.2°(H)×48.8°(V)
Lens Type Stock Lens
Focus Distance 200mm to infinity
Electrical and Mechanical
Camera Board Size 25 × 24mm
Peaking Current 300mA

Package Including

  • 1× Arducam V3Link d-ch Rx board
  • 4× Arducam V3Link camera Tx board
  • 4× 1m Fakra Z Female to Female RF Coaxial Cable
  • 4× Arducam IMX219 Camera Module
  • 4× 40cm 22-22pin FPC Cable
  • 1× 15cm 22-22pin FFC Cable
  • 1× Power Adapter


  • TI development board is not included in the package.
  • This kit includes IMX219 camera modules and cannot be mixed with other sensors.
  • The V3LINK solution also supports other camera modules, please contact sales for more details.