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Robotics 3D al Makerfaire 2019 con MARRtino

Robotics 3D al Makerfaire 2019 con MARRtino

Come ogni anno Robotics 3D è presente al MF2019 e presenta in collaborazione con La Sapienza il robot open source MARRtino.

MARRtino is a ROS-based low-cost differential drive robot platform that comes in many shapes.

MARRtino has been designed to be easy-to-build and easy-to-program, but at the same time it uses professional software based on ROS. It is thus suitable to implement and experiment many typical Robotics and Artificial Intelligence tasks, such as smart navigation, spoken human-robot interaction, image analysis, etc.

MARRtino is being successfully used in a variety of educational activities, ranging from pre-school children to PhD and PostDoc in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.


For Italian schools and education institutes, MARRtino kit is available on the MEPA system distributed by Robotics 3D.

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