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16CH relay module low level trigger

9,75 €

Supply voltage: 5V/12V/24V
Supply current: greater than 200MA
Each load: 250V10A (AC) or 30V10A (DC)
PCB size: 179*90*19mm

Application note:
1, 12V relay contact capacity 10A250V, with optocoupler protection. The onboard power
supply module does not require an external power supply. IVO port driver
Active low.
2, can be used as a microcontroller development board module, can be used as home
appliance control, can also be used as PLC expansion output.
Module features:
1, using the industry's top quality isolated optocoupler, strong anti-interference ability,
stable performance; trigger current only needs 3mA.
2, 1-16 road can be turned on/off at will, or any way.
3. Output form: directly connected to the load of AC220V10A or DC30V10A.
4. The common terminal COM of each relay is independent, which is convenient for users
to access different signals. Each relay has normally closed and often
Open the port.
5. Each relay has an action indicator, which is illuminated and turned off.
6, the interface design is user-friendly, all interfaces can be directly connected through
the terminal block, very convenient.
7. There are 4 fixing bolt holes for easy installation.
Instructions for use:
1. The power supply should meet the scope of use, DC 12V;
2. The power supply is required according to the wiring diagram and cannot be reversed;
3. The product uses LM2596S step-down chip with slight heat, which is a normal
phenomenon. The relay has normal heating phenomenon for a long time, which is a normal phenomenon;
4. The load power should have a certain margin for the relay load. It should avoid high
power (about 2000W) and work for a long time, which will have a certain impact on product life.

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