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2.499,00 €

The Tiertime UP300 features a 205 × 255 × 225mm print volume — in today’s market a respectable printable area and one comparable to the likes of the Prusa i3 MK3 and Creality Ender 3. For reference, Tiertime’s previous top spec desktop 3D printer, the UP Box+ featured a print volume of 255 x 205 x 205mm.

A new feature for Tiertime’s desktop offerings and debuting on the UP300 is a reversible, removable glass print bed. It’s not entirely clear from the materials Tiertime has put out there regarding the UP300, but it appears that one side will be the company’s perforated surface (which is remarkably good for printing ABS), with the other being bare glass.

Heatable to 100 degrees Celsius, the print bed should be good for your “everyday” printing materials — which stands to reason given Tiertime’s introduction of three interchangeable print heads, tailored toward low-temp, high-temp and TPU filament. In day-to-day printing, think PLA, ABS and TPU.

The reasoning for such a system is that there will be less likelihood of contaminating prints and clogging nozzles if a hot end only ever has similar materials passing through at similar temperatures. It’s poor for printer maintenance to hop between drastically different materials, so employing interchangeable prints heads like this will cut down on that possibility.

How easily the print heads can be swapped remains to be seen. We envisage this only working out if the print heads can be snapped in place.

Bed leveling on the Tiertime UP300 is handled automatically by the printer. Previous machines from the manufacturer have used a servo-mounted micro switch to detect the print bed, so it is possible we see the return of such a system.

The UP300 features a HEPA air filter — an increasingly common sight on fully enclosed 3D printers — which is capable of filtering out VOCs and large particles emitted during the printing process. Additionally Tiertime also integrates an activated carbon filter to help mitigate the stench given off when printing materials such as ABS.

The Tiertime UP300 accepts any 3rd-party 1.75mm filament, with an integrated filament bay in the side of the machine keeping things neat and tucked out of sight. One possible drawback we see to this is that filament manufacturers all seem to use different spool sizes to ship their wares. It could be that a swathe of the 3rd party manufacturers’ spools don’t even fit inside the UP300, forcing you to find a workaround.

Also present on the UP300 is filament run-out detection and a print resume function for recovering prints paused during power outages, plus wireless connectivity, a full color touchscreen interface and full USB compatibility for printing from regular memory sticks.

It is mentioned in numerous webstore listings of the printer that an optional dual extrusion upgrade for the UP300 is in the works.

To correspond with the release of the UP300, Tiertime’s UP Studio print software gained new functionality in Print Queue.

Available for Tiertime’s new machines only, Print Queue allows multiple connected users of the printer to send print jobs, forming a queue that the machine will automatically churn through.

Obviously the printer will not eject completed prints so some human interaction is required, but such a feature means a shared space isn’t beholden to setting prints only when the printer is free and unused.

Make: Tiertime
Model: UP300
Technology: FDM
Frame: Cartesian
Year: 2018
Category: Desktop, fully-assembled
Print area: 205 × 255 × 225mm
Max. bed temp: 100 degrees Celsius
Nozzle size: 0.2 – 0.6mm
Max. nozzle temp: 299 degree Celsius
Max. Z-axis resolution: 0.05mm
Z-axis accuracy: 0.5 micron
X/Y-axis accuracy: 2 micron
Max. print speed: —
Max. travel speed: 200mm/s
3rd Party material compatibility: Yes
Interface: 4.3″ touchscreen
Boxed size: –
Printer size: –
Packaged weight: –
Printer weight: —
Power supply: —