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Sniffer Bike - Moving Air Quality

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What is the Sniffer Bike?

For starters, please view our sniffer bike flyer.

The Sniffer Bike is a particulate matter sensor developed by SODAQ and Civity. It first started as a development project in collaboration with the Utrecht Province. With a rising environmental concern of air pollution (World Health Organization), we believe in the interest to help combat this pollution. The Sniffer Bike plays a collective role in collecting data about the air so that individuals and governments would be more well aware of the environment. As an open-source project, we encourage everyone to participate and be involved so that better insights can be derived that would benefit everyone.

LTE-M is the backbone of the Sniffer Bike. It is a type of connection that is similar to the ones on mobile phones but made specifically for a low-powered Internet of Things applications. It measures the air every ten seconds and sends the data to the Data Platform of Civity every minute. You can determine the fate of your own data as to how and to whom you want the data to be made available. The data can be presented in an interactive dashboard, which gives a lot of insight into the environment, bicycle routes and air quality.



This is what the data platform of civity looks.

On the left image you can see the particle matter surrounding each zone. A light blue blocks means that there are few particles in the air and it’s less polluted. Whilst the red blocks signify a high concentration of particulate matter (such as a lot of dust) which make the zone more polluted. On the top corner, you can adjust the types of particulate matter (which are 2.5µm or 10µm). By scrolling in and out of the image you can notice the different zones and their concentration of particle matters.

The right image  shows the specific bike paths that the Sniffer Bike has gone through. It has all the details of the of the concentration of the particle matters (both 2.5µm or 10µm) throughout the path. On the top right corner, you can select the IMEI of your Sniffer Bike.

What can I order?

We have developed the technology for the sniffer bike from the ground up, making us quite the experts within this field. We offer the Sniffer Bike as a standalone product capable of contributing to the data platform. This is not the default as we offer a custom solution with every client interested in the sniffer bike. If you are interested in purchasing (larger) quantities, feel free to contact us as and we can get back to you with custom prices and solutions. If you are not interested in this particular solution but are interested in the development of your own idea, please contact us on the same email as listed above.