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SODAQ Actility Microchip LoRaWan Starter Kit KIT868A1 EU868

310,00 €

SODAQ Actility Microchip LoRaWan Starter Kit KIT868A1 EU868



This bundle combines two powerful SODAQ ExpLoRers powered by Microchip, with a LoRaWAN UfiSpace Pico Cell Wifi Gateway to demonstrate the capability of the LoRa network and the Internet of Things. Below you can find what is in the bundle:

  • 2 units of the SODAQ ExpLoRer
  • 1 unit of the LoRaWAN UfiSpace Pico Cell Wi-Fi Ethernet Gateway v1.5

2x - SODAQ ExpLoRer (powered by Microchip)

What's better than one SODAQ ExpLoRer? Two SODAQ ExpLoRers, especially when combined with other innovative technology, such as the LoRaWAN UfiSpace Pico Cell Wi-Fi Ethernet Gateway v1.5. For additional information on the ExpLoRer, please view our product page.

Features of the ExpLoRer:

  • Atmel SAMD21, 32 bits Arm Cortex M0 microcontroller
  • Microchip RN2483A OR RN2903 LoRa module
  • Microchip RN4871 Bluetooth 4.2 module (BLE) with ceramic antenna
  • Atmel ATECC508A1 crypto chip to securely store your LoRa keys.
  • Atmel SST25PF040C serial flash chip (4Mbit)
  • MCP 73831 Charge controller and on-board rechargeable coin cell battery
  • embedded (PCB) LoRa antenna
  • MCP97001 temperature sensor
  • Micro USB Connector

Intended use: 
The ExpLoRer is a development/evaluation tool intended for the evaluation of Microchip wireless modules in a Research and Development laboratory environment. It is not a Finished Appliance. Manufacturers who integrate ExpLoRer in a Finished Appliance product must take responsibility to follow regulatory guidelines, for example for CE marking.

1x - LoRaWAN UfiSpace Pico Cell Wi-Fi Ethernet Gateway v1.5

Bring the Internet of Things into your home by creating your very own home network! Connect your devices to the gateway through WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth or LoRa and your network is ready to go and connected. The LoRaWAN UfiSpace Pico Cell Ethernet Wi-Fi Gateway v1.5 is optimal for a Home Access Network (HAN) or for when local coverage is required.

Key features:

  • IPSec Enabled
  • WiFi, Ethernet, and LTE (USD) supported
  • 3dBi antenna
  • Noise scan parallel
  • Product management software for installation and configuration
    • Web versions and app version
  • Max Channel: 8
  • ARM Cortex A8 CPU
  • Easy Installation and configuration