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Orange LoRa Edition 868

89,00 €

Orange LoRa® Explorer Kit



With high-end communication modules, power options, security, and processing power, this SODAQ ExpLoRer device will prove to be a key aspect of your next IoT project.

Combining a BLE 4.0 (RN4871) module together with the LoRa (RN2483) chip will provide a seamless experience that offers effective communication between a wide range of devices. The well-known LoRa technology has provided solutions in a multitude of sectors – from air pollution monitoring to item location and even smart parking, this technology can be utilized to its fullest potential when equipped with an effective board such as the SODAQ ExpLoRer.

Alongside the communication features, the board additionally can be powered through an onboard solar charge controller – just connect a solar panel and you’re ready to go! Solar power, not your thing? No problem, the board additionally supports LiPo batteries and USB power.

To secure your projects, the ExpLoRer has a built in crypto chip. With the ATECC508A crypto chip, your projects will be able to support the latest developments and their required high-end security protocols. This technology is able to protect your confidentiality and data integrity through their “ultra-secure hardware-based cryptographic key storage”.

With a small form factor of 93 x 53 mm (matchbox-sized), this device is certainly not getting in the way. Although relatively small, it packs a punch and will fit right into your setup as a powerful tool with a small form factor.

This special Orange ExpLoRer Kit version provides a new, upgraded experience through its high-quality network. As a user of this Orange Explorer Kit, you will get an access offer to the “IoT Connect Low Power” service to further provide expansion possibilities for your projects*.

  • 3 months free* access to the Live Objects platform, for device and data management
  • 3 months free* connectivity through the “IoT Connect Low Power” service (then 1€ to 2€ /month /object according to commitment)

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