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Sensore di umidità e temperatura del terreno - SHT10

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Sensore di umidità e temperatura del terreno - SHT10


Take your next ourdoor sensor project to the next level with a SHT-10 based temperature/humidity sensor. The sensor includes a dual-use sensor module from Sensiron in a sintered metal mesh encasing. The casing is weatherproof and will keep water from seeping into the body of the sensor and damaging it, but allows air to pass through so that it can measure the humidity outside. While it is designed to be submersible in water, it's always best to avoid long-term (over 1 hour at a time) submersion, and it obviously would only give you temperature readings. For that, our metal-cased temperature sensors would be better! This sensor is best for simply placing outside for exterior weather sensing.

Humidity readings have 4.5% precision, temperature is 0.5% precision. A microcontroller is required to interface. The sensor is not washed after reflow and is rehydrated according to datasheet requirements.

The sensor is essentially just a Sensiron SHT-10 with the 4 data/power wires brought out so any SHT-1X code for a microcontroller will work. The sensor works with 3 or 5V logic. The 1 meter long cable has four wires: Red = VCC (3-5VDC), Black or Green = Ground, Yellow = Clock, Blue = Data. For Arduino, there's a handy Sensiron library with example. For Propeller, there's an SHT1X sensor object. Don't forget to connect a 10K resistor from the blue Data line to VCC.

  • Soil Temperature/Moisture Sensor (8:52)

  • Technical Details

    • Body dimensions: 14mm diameter, 50mm long
    • Cable length: 1 meter
    • Humidity readings with 4.5% accuracy
    • Temperature readings with 0.5 degree C accuracy
    • Working Temperature/Humidity range: -40°C ~ 120°C, 0~100% RH
    • Four wires: Red = VCC (3-5VDC), Black or Green = Ground, Yellow = Clock, Blue = Data
    • All other sensor specifications are in the SHT10 Datasheet
    • Sensor datasheet
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