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TCS34725 RGB Color Sensor Development Board

7,00 €


1. Red, Green, Blue (RGB), and White Light Sensing with IR Blocking Filter
2. Programmable Analog Gain and Integration Time
3. 3,800,000:1 Dynamic Range
4. Very High Sensitivity , Ideally Suited for Operation Behind Dark Glass
5. Maskable Interrupt
6. Programmable Upper and Lower Thresholds with Persistence Filter
7. Power Management
8. Low Power ,2.5-uA Sleep State
9. 65-uA Wait State with Programmable Wait State Time from 2.4 ms to > 7 Seconds
10. I2C Fast Mode Compatible Interface
11. Data Rates up to 400 kbit/s
12. Input Voltage Levels Compatible with VDD or 1.8 V Bus
13. Register Set and Pin Compatible with the TCS3x71 Series

14. Small 2 mm*2.4 mm Dual Flat No-Lead (FN)