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Qobo Coding Robot Activity Set -30 Puzzle Cards

81,15 €

QOBO-The First Smart Snail for Ages between 3-8 children.Puzzle Card Coding,What QOBO senses is what Qobo  does.Interacive functon by touching face and shaking it.


Qobo is the first programmable educational snail robot from Robobloq. It offers an innovative, simple, fun and intuitive programming system with puzzle cards that allow the snail to move, sing, flash and interact according to the card on which it is advancing. The interaction between the robot and the children becomes intelligent: they learn by playing, observing and coding the robot. The robot shell is fluorescent in color and the educational snail has a puzzle card recognition function. 

  • No need for Internet or screen, learn programming directly with puzzle cards
  • The game map provides a fun environment to explore with the Qudo robot
  • With the music cards, the Qobo robot can play up to 15 songs
  • The snail can also be programmed via a computer to provide a new learning experience for more advanced students
  • The Qobo robot is compatible with most construction sets
  • Qobo was made with recycled materials that respect the environment


Contents of the Qobo robot box

  • 1 Qobo robot
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 map (Map)
  • 30 programming puzzle card
  • 1 game book

cards Puzzle Qobo Robobloq


Qobo Robobloq

  • 1 Qobo robot
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 map (Map)
  • 30 programming puzzle card
  • 1 playbook