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PiPlus Kit for Raspberry Pi

99,93 €

1. STEM LEARNING KIT – PiPlus is a Raspberry Pi STEM kit including 15 sensor modules, 2 extension boards and 1 power module, perfect for STEM education.
2. LEARN TO CODE EASILY- You can learn how to code faster and easier than ever with visual programming language software, or Python code.
3. PLUG AND PROGRAM - Just plug in the module based on header colors and then start to program!
4. THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - Surface being green, pin headers base in different colors, you can tell them apart and plug easily, no worry of wiring.
5. PLAY GAMES WITH PIPLUS EVERYWHERE - Besides programming learning, you can also play games with PiPlus for fun

Technical Details


PiPlus is an interesting kit based on Raspberry Pi including15 sensor modules and 2 extension board and 1 power module. It needs no wiring and you can just plug and program. The kit comes with the easy-to-use visual programming language software Dragit, making coding fun and easy to learn. Every module is well designed, with green surface on the whole and pin headers in white, pink, yellow and black, so you can just plug in the module based on header color, making it very suitable for younger beginners. So wait no more! Now usethe SunFounder Sensor Kit to start your journey of making and exploring interesting and useful projects!

Package included:

6 x M2.5*6 Screw
6 x M2.5*10 Copper Standoff
6 x M2.5*6 Single-head Copper Standoff
6 x M2.5*11 Single-head Copper Standoff
6 x M2.5*25 Single-head Copper Standoff
1 x Plus Carrier
1 x Plus Shield
1 x Plus Power
1 x Plus LCD1602
1 x Acrylic Lid
1 x Plus Buttons
1 x Plus RGB LED
1 x Plus LED Ring
1 x Plus LED Bar Graph
1 x Plus Buzzer
1 x Plus Rotary Encoder
1 x Plus Slide
1 x Potentiometers
1 x Plus Photoresistor
1 x Plus Joystick
1 x Plus Sound Sensor
1 x Plus Motion Sensor
2 x Plus Connector
1 x Plus DS18B20
1 x USB Cable