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Radona Expert+

999,00 €

The Radona Expert + sets new standards in radon measurement. The device not only captivates with its attractive appearance, but also with its inner values. Thanks to Waltec's ionization chamber technology, the radon Radona meter can achieve up to 20 times faster measurement times than other comparable instruments. In addition, the Radona can also be used for time-resolved measurements, as the radon concentration is detected every 10 minutes.

The large full-graphic display can be used to read the current radon values ​​and take immediate action. By contrast, other measuring devices such as Corentium Home offer only 24-hour averages. If you want to see all the measured data, biten, radon value, air pressure, humidity and temperature, you can download them directly from the meter with a USB cable using a Windows (XP-10) application.

It is not easier, faster and safer at the moment!

The radon measuring device Radona was specially developed for professional users and interested private users. The scope of supply includes - in addition to the Radon measuring device itself - a power supply and a USB-C cable (for reading the data with the PC and to charge).

Radona Expert +:

Anyone who wants to carry out a particularly accurate and rapid radon measurement can not ignore measuring instruments with ionization chamber technology. The radon measuring device Radona Expert + has exactly this ionization chamber and therefore does not need to hide from very expensive professional measuring devices! Thus Radon Expert Radon + can be highly recommended for private and professional users!

Measuring device at a glance:

- Radona Expert +: for the measurement of indoor radon concentrations
- Read the results simply on the graphic display
- compatible with Windows operating systems (for data transfer to the PC)
- integrated data memory (sufficient for 1 year / 10 minutes interval)
- high quality fully graphic display, with many display options
- incl. battery (device can be used for about 24 hours without power supply)
- incl. power supply and USB cable (device can be charged and operated in continuous operation)
- internal clock, the current date / time can be sent to the meter with the Windows program (time runs as long as the meter is switched on)
- the current radon value, date, time, air pressure, humidity and temperature value are saved every 10 minutes (memory is sufficient for 1 year) and can be read out at any time (do not lose data by switching off)
- Especially for the professional sector, the keys and the screen of the meter can be locked / unlocked from the PC (for example for measurements in public facilities)
- The measured values ​​can be reset at any time on the device or from the PC (this empties the memory)

There are a total of three different Radona Expert + variations:

Normal, classic Radona Expert + meter without control output
0-10V, this output outputs the radon value as 0-10V DC. This version contains no battery, so it must be operated with the included 12V power supply.
4-20Ma, this output outputs the radon value as. This version contains no battery, so it must be operated with the included 12V power supply.

Supplied with: Radona Expert +, power supply, USB-C cable

Product Information

Sensor type: pulsed ionization chamber of FTLAB RD200M
Meaningful readings: in less than 1 hour
Measurement and storage interval: 10-minute cycle
Sensitivity: 0.5 cpm / pCi / l (1.35 cpm / 100 Bq / m3)
Working range: 10-40 ° C, humidity <90%
Measuring range: 1 ~ 3700 Bq / m3 (0.1 ~ 99.99 pCI / l)
Measurement error: Max. ± 10% (corresponds to approx. ± 15 Bq / m3)
Power supply: DC 5 Volt (± 0.1 Volt), 155 mA (USB-C cable)
Dimensions: diameter: 13 cm, height: 12 cm, weight: 840 g
Connectivity: USB (USB-C)
Data storage: maximum 1 year (at 10-minute intervals of radon, date, time, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity)
Display: LCD full graphic (with many different views)
Battery lasts for about 24 hours (device can be charged / permanently operated with USB cable)
Does not use radio standards and emits very little electromagnetic radiation (aluminum housing and no active radio chips installed)
Made in Germany

The radon measuring device Radona Expert + is a professional radon detector from Germany. The special feature of the Radona Expert + is the high measuring sensitivity, the graphic display, the buffer battery and the storage of all values every 10 minutes. The reason for the high sensitivity is found in the ion chamber technology used in the Radona Expert + instrument. The Radon measuring device is also really impressive when it comes to speed: after just 10 minutes, the first measured values can be read from the graphic display and the internal memory.

Other measuring instruments usually only deliver the results after a measuring period of 24 to 48 hours. In addition, the Radona Expert + offers many different display possibilities, which can be achieved with the push buttons