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PHPoC Shield for Arduino

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PHPoC Shield for Arduino


PHPoC Shield for Arduino is compatible with Arduino Uno or Mega products. PHPoC shield is equipped with both wired and wireless LAN functions, providing various network functions according to your environment, bring a Arduino to Internet, spreading Arduino's voice to unlimited distance. In addition to the network function, PHPoC shield supports a wide range of API. In particular, a built-in web application provides easy web applications control and network setup. Also, you can monitor the output of Arduino serial monitor via Web from a remote location in real time.

  • - Selectable networking modes
  • - Web-controllable application
  • - "Web Serial Monitor"
  • - E-mail library
  • - RTC (Real-Time Clock)
  • - Various communication protocols (TELNET, SSL, SSH, and WebSocket)
  • - Supports IPv6


Classes PhpocClient, PhpocServer, PhpocEmail, PhpocDateTime
Protocols IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, ICMP/TCP/UDP
DNS, Telnet, SMTP, HTTP, Web Socket
Securities SSL Server/Client, SSH Server
Web Applications WebSerialMonitor, WebRemoteControl(push/slide)
Setup Web

Core Cortex-M4 168MHz

Power Input
Input Voltage 5V ±10% (from Arduino Board)
Power Consumption about 120mA (100Base-TX)
about 180mA (Wireless LAN, It could be changed according to USB dongle)

Network Interface
Ethernet 10/100Base-T
Wireless LAN IEEE802.11b/g with a USB dongle
Infrastructure, Soft AP, Ad-hoc
WPA-PSK, WPA-Enterprise
Host Interface SPI - ICSP, SS: 10(Arduino Uno), 53(Arduino Mega)

User Interface SPI - ICSP, SS: 4
Card Type Push-Pull Type

RESET Resetting PHPoC Shield
SETUP Configuration and Factory Reset

Battery Rechargeable Battery (5.8mAh)

System LED ON(Red), STATUS(Green), WIFI(Green), ETHERNET(Green)

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