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PHPoC Blue

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PHPoC Blue

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You can monitor data from various sensors: temperature, pressure, acceleration, fine dust, etc.
PHPoC Black/Blue can be connected to a variety of sensors with ADC, I2C, SPI, UART, timer, digital input interfaces.

Actuator Control

You can control a DC servo motor, a linear actuator, and a stepping motor that are connected PHPoC Black/Blue. Equipment connected through digital outputs can also be controlled.
PHPoC Black/Blue give output of PWM up to 12 units.

Web Application

You can freely compose a web page according to your environment to monitor and control a device.

Web Socket

PHPoC Black/Blue support the standard HTML5 WebSocket to send and receive data in real time on the Web. (* You must use a browser that supports the WebSocket.)


You can send an email including information of a sensor connected to PHPoC Black/Blue.

Smart Device Support

PHPoC Black/Blue can use smart devices to monitor and control connected devices.

IoT Cloud Service Support

Device data can be sent through IoT Cloud service, and the data can be monitored and analyzed.

Database(MySQL) Support

You can save sensor data to the database, and the data can be looked up at any time.

Source Level Debugging

You can save development time with a source-level debugging function. When trouble occurs on a system, it can be solved quickly without stopping the operating system.


PHPoC Black/Blue offer a variety of security protocols and authentication algorithm.

PHPoC Blue

PHPoC Blue (P4S-342) is a wireless LAN programmable board embedded with a PHPoC interpreter. It supports various interfaces to connect with sensors and equipment. For wireless LAN connectivity, USB wireless LAN adapter is provided. Your devices can be controlled and monitored via smart phone. Also, it is designed to be stackable for you to implement additional functions with PHPoC expansion boards.

  • - PHPoC (PHP on Chip) interpreter embedded
  • - Uploading and debugging codes via USB
  • - IEEE 802.11b/g (USB Wireless LAN adapter required)
  • - 10 x digital input/output port
  • - 14 x sharing port (Digital Input/Output, SPI, I2C, UART)
  • - 6 x analogue input port
  • - HTTP/SSH/Websocket server
  • - Web page customization available (accessible with smart devices)



Core Cortex-M4 168MHz
Flash System-512K Bytes, User-512K Bytes
SRAM 192K Bytes

Power Input
Input Voltage 5V±10%
Input Port DC jack or USB device port
Max Current DC jack : 1.5A, USB device port : 500mA

Network Interface
Wireless LAN IEEE802.11b/g with a USB dongle

USB Interface
USB Host Wireless LAN interface with a USB dongle
USB Device PC interface for programming

Type 3.3V CMOS level digital I/O
Ports Maximum 22 ports
Mode Input/Output, push-pull/open-drain, pull-up/pull-down

UART 2 ports (RXD, RXD, RTS, CTS) with hardware flow control
SPI 1 port
I2C 1 port (100Kbps or 400Kbps)

Resolution 12bits
Channels 6

Hardware Timer/Counter
Mode PWM output, Pulse output, Toggle output, Capture
Unit mili-seconds or micro-seconds
Channels 4

Battery Rechargeable battery (5.8mAh)
Peripherals Realtime Clock, 4KB Backup SRAM

System LED Power, Status, 3.3V, PWR5
User LED uio0.30, uio0.31

Power Output
3.3V Max Current 1A
PWR5 + 3.3V Max Current 1.5A

Dimension 63.8mm X 65mm X 13mm
Weight 28g

Part Number

P4S-342 Body + USB wireless LAN adapter
Optional AccessoryDescriptionNote
5V power adapter (CE)
INPUT - AC100-240V, 50/60Hz / OUTPUT - DC 5V, 1A
5V power adapter (UL)
INPUT - AC100-240V, 50/60Hz / OUTPUT - DC 5V, 1A
5V power adapter (UK)
INPUT - AC100-240V, 50/60Hz / OUTPUT - DC 5V, 1A
Micro USB cable
USB Wireless LAN adapter (4dBi)


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