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BBC Micro:bit Sensor Starter Kit Adeept

79,99 €



1. BBC Micro:bit Development Board is included.
2. A wide variety of Sensor Modules - The best choice for learning electronics, programming and IoT.
3. Excellent PDF Manual - 124 pages, 35 projects with detailed guidance.
4. MakeCode and Python code are provided.
5. Powerful technical support - Official forum, videos and E-mail.


Download Tutorials:

Online Videos:


1. Download the Program onto  Micro bit
2. MU microPython repl
3. Use of simulators
4. Compass
5. Light level
6. LED module
7. Button module
8. Switch module
9. Touch module
10. Active buzzer
11. Passive buzzer
13. Temperature alarm
14. Speech
15. PIR control led
16. Photosister
17. Neopixel
18. Flame sensor module
19. Potentiomenter
20. Servo
21. Potentiomenter control Servo
22. Accelerate control servo
23. CM+Soil Moisture sensor
24. CM+Water level sensor module
25. Line Finder module
26. Silde Potentiomenter module
27. LCD1602 display
28. PS2 joystick
29. DC motor fan
30. Flame arrester
31. Rotary encoder
32. Ultrasonic module
33. Ultrasonic control led modules
34. Ultrasonic control DC motor
35. Ultrasonic control RGB bar


Package List:

1x BBC Micro:bit Board
1x Adeept micro:bit expansion board
1x Bread board
1x Micro USB Cable
1x Silde Potentiomenter module
1x IIC interface module
1x WS2812 RGB Ring
1x LCD 1602
1x PS2 joystick
1x Servo
1x Motor fan
1x Rotary encoder
1x Ultrasonic module
4x LED module
4x Button module
1x Touch button
1x Limit switch
1x Active buzzer
1x Passive buzzer
1x Photosister
1x PIR sensor
1x Flame sensor
1x Potentiometer
1x CM module
1x Soil Moisture sensor
1x Water level sensor module
1x Line finder module
40x Female to Female Jumper wires
20x Male to Female Jumper wires
20x Male to Male Jumper wires  //Repl drive