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Makerzoid STEAM Programmable Toys Robot Master

175,00 €

Superbot has made a hit in both domestic market and overseas markets, but at the same time some of our clients feedbacked that the coding part of this kit is a little difficult for a kid without any coding experience. 

  •  Creative and Educational STEAM ToyROBOT MASTER was developed by a team of robot specialists to provide children with abundant STEAM knowledge - in a fascinating and enjoyable way. Children learn to build, code, and create while having fun.

  • 600+ Blocks and 200+ Robot Models in 1With upgraded host controller and motor, Robot Master(Premium) supports up to 200 robots from simple to complex, which contains a lot of scientific engineering and robot knowledge such as machinery, gears, structure, transmission, etc.

  • Home Tutor & Teaching Tool for Coding LearingThis kit is equipped with 47 robotics courses separated into 3 levels for kids to learn how to build, control and code at home while paying with this toy. This is also a powerful teaching tool for coding centers to conduct robotic lessons with our official courses as reference.

  • Graphical Programming & APP ControlKids will learn to code and develop creative problem-solving skills as they play with this interactive educational toy featuring graphical programming, as simple as a drag and drop game. They can also bring this tech toy to life with APP control.

  • Detailed Paper Manual & APP InstructionThe paper manual manual teaches children how to build the robots from simple to complex, so kids can enjoy creating without the interference from smart devices. And it is also equipped with an APP to teach them how to build, control the robots and write a program.

  • Fancy Storage Box & Sorting PlateThe big and fancy is included to help children develop a good habit of packing and collecting their own toys and the sorting plate help save time because kids could sort the blocks according to the color and size.



         Spend quality time with your children. Both Children and parents will enjoy the fun of building a robot and making a programming for it. At the same time, it helps develop children's mind, DIY and logical thinking ability.